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Abundance is all around you. It starts as a mindset and manifests in every aspect of your experience. However, many want to convince you that there’s not enough to go around, or that life is hard. This course demonstrates again and again why that’s not true, and how you really can live an abundant life, regardless of your upbringing or current surroundings.

There are 6 modules in this training, and as you work at your own pace through the material, you will:

— 1 

Gain a New Definition of Abundance

And how to receive that abundance in your life right now.

— 2 

Align yourself with Abundance

So that if flows freely and generously into your experience.

— 3 

Magnify your Purpose

which allows your gifts to shine in more magnificent way.

— 4 

Learn Simple Strategies to Draw Abundance to You

which increases your confidence each step of the journey

— 5 

Boost your Intuition

so that you trust yourself and the decisions you make in every moment

— 6 

Uncover Pitfalls keeping you from the Abundant Life you Seek

and know exactly how to avoid them to stay on track with your goals.

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Looking to manifest more money, freedom, and satisfaction in your career…

While releasing the need to push or control others in the process?

If so, you likely already understand that in order to do this, you’ll need to elevate your inner world to match the external desires you seek.

The good news is that receiving abundance is actually easier than you think.

There’s no reason to work more hours or longer days. You’re not required to get another job or switch careers to do so.

Instead, you want to establish a new mindsetone that is compatible with abundance and creates the foundational shift to welcome abundance into your life.

The yoga and spirituality realms recognize the value of the mind in making changes. And you already make time to move, meditate, and feel great on your mat.

Now it’s time to take that momentum and align it with the various forms of abundance just ready to show up in your experience.



More confidence — Knowing you’re on the right track and abundance is coming to you (and you’ll appreciate the abundance that is all around you already)

Greater Clarity More important than passion or enthusiasm, clarity provides direction on your path that propels you forward. And you’ll gain clarity in spades in this training!

Increased Clientele People will sense your abundant vibe and be drawn to you like a magnet. This increases your positive impact in the world, too!

Gain access to more Resources You’ll notice more ideas, relationships, and opportunities that will keep you in the game as a yoga professional

Navigate Challenges with Grace and Ease While you may still encounter challenging times, you can remain poised and clear-minded throughout the journey.

A Note from Kym ...

I grew up in a supportive family that encouraged me to chase my dreams. I was taught the value of hard work, and I took on numerous jobs to make ends meet (while still pursuing my dreams on the side). Yet many nights were spent in tears because I was exhausted and frustrated. It seemed as though no forward progress was being made despite my spinning wheels.

Thankfully, in my mid-twenties, I discovered that:

  • your mindset matters
  • energy management is one of these most essential ingredients for success
  • no amount of action can make up for inner imbalance.

Most importantly, I learned that in order to live abundantly, I had to think abundantly, too.

I went from dreading my days at work to getting excited about my future. And I leveraged this inner alignment to travel the world, marry my soul mate, and start my own global yoga business.

The interviews in this training show you how I align with abundance to keep growing to this day! My hope is that you’ll love these concepts as much as I do!


  • 6 modules, each 60-minutes in length

  • Daily Worksheets to personalize your learning experience

  • Audio files to listen on-the-go

  • Slide decks to highlight important info in each module

  • Free replays

  • Collaboration with other course participants

  • Lifetime access


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