Learn simple strategies to get and keep great clients as a yoga teacher






— 1 —

Set an Intention

so that you can chart your course as a yoga teacher and reach your goals while serving others. 

— 2 —

Understand the Yoga Industry

which can help you grow deliberately and avoid pitfalls as you do. 

— 3 —

Develop an Organized Plan

that will maximize your time, energy, and profit while uplifting the lives of your students. 

— 4 —

Create a Communication Strategy

which will allow you to speak directly to new and existing clients in a way that builds your community organically. 

— 5 —

Set Clear Offers

so that students know what to expect when working with you and your income can skyrocket based on the trust you've built with your clients. 


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"Thank you so much for your message, your generous gift and your contribution to our yoga teacher training. Our students loved it! "

Tina C.
Bend Yoga Teacher Training

"Overall the expertise, charisma, delivery and attention to ensure everyone in the class was on track was fabulous."

Donna P.
New Yoga Teacher

"Excellent presentation. Full of useful information and practical tips I can really use. "

New YTT grad

"The material and format Kym shared with the groups of teachers in training was not only appropriate and informative but also helped them to clarify and define a personal business model they could apply immediately. "

Christina R.
Bend Yoga Teacher Training


Identify your Biggest Opportunities

The yoga industry is growing and you can identify the sweet spot where your talents meet the needs of your students

Set Time Aside to Learn

There are 5 interactive videos in this workshop that will get you started in the right direction.

Be a Light to the World

Share your gifts as a yoga teacher while supporting yourself financially and energetically in the process. 

Are you ready to make a positive difference in the lives of others as a yoga teacher?

I sure was when I started on this journey 15 years ago. Within a few short months, I received my graduate degree in kinesiology and my 200-hr YTT certificate and I was ready to change the world.

Only, I didn't have a plan.

I started as a substitute teacher. Then ventured halfway around the globe to instruct at a wellness retreat and then landed back at CSU, Chico where I taught yoga classes while also lecturing on campus.

It wasn't until I deliberately started learning about business that everything fell into place for me.

I had the yoga knowledge, yet needed to pair it with marketing and content creation to really scale.

Whether you want to teach yoga part-time or full-time, the elements I share in this yoga business basics workshop will get you started on the right foot. 

They will also help you avoid so many of the mistakes I ran into early on as a professional. I'm excited you're here and I'd be honored to be your guide in this next phase of your growth.


Enroll now for only $39 and discover step-by-step ways to build your yoga business !



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